Saturday, May 23, 2009

cant find the time

or the place, to write a new blog entry. rock house is amazing (it rocks! hehe) and lucie and jonas are the coolest, and nouria (their 2 year old daughter) is super cute but sometimes annoying but thats just cuz im not so much a kid person. theres no internet in my room so im on andys and now we gotta go set up the IVS hut with a new sound system.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yooooo its like you dont even know me.

I went hunting with Andreas Sunday evening and we shot bunnies. It was sweeeet. I couldn't see through the scope so I didn't actually shoot anything, but the first one he got was twitching and kicking so we ran over and he showed me once again how to properly break their necks. See, I was walking through the woods on Saturday and found a little dying rabbit and I wanted to put it out of its misery and I tried to break its neck but i think I just broke its jaw instead and I was like "AHHH I'M SO SORRY!!!" Because, much as we want to kill them and keep them off the fields, we dont want them to suffer. So after Andy finished it off I carried it around the whole time and cuddled it and named it Fuzzball. I want to go again and possibly shoot something, or at least try. I know. Seriously. It's like you don't even know me. :-P

Rauiridh and Kathryn got back from Denmark last night; they've been gone since Thursday morning and Lisa and I ran the house. It went fine really, no big problems. Sleeping in my own bed was weird though...
Oooh and I move to Rock House on Monday!! Gonna move some clothes now though, no space up here!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gotta Love that Bank

Its another bank holiday weekend! I'm not entirely clear on the whole bank thing it so all the bank people get a day off? Whatever, i guess I shouldnt look a gift horse in the mouth.

Thursday evening after milking and supper I was just gettin out of the shower when there was a knock on the bathroom door. Andreas was like "helooo there are a bunch of people waiting for you in the car what are you doing!??" And I was completely confused and having no idea what he was talking about. Apparently a pub outing had been planned, and Lukas or Andreas were supposed to call me but they both thought the other was doing it! So they were getting all in a huff in the car like where the hell is she she is always late lets go without her, but oooo they put their feet in their mouths!! We always have illegal numbers of people in the car, so I sat on Lukas and tried to squish him a little extra every time we hit a bump, and later I made Andreas buy me a drink. :-P
Friday afternoon I went back to work, loading branches and covering muck heaps and milkin and doing the dishwash. Got home around 7:00, had some supper and a shower and went over to NBF (New Botton Farm) where I promptly fell asleep.
Saturday morning got up, went home, did chores and had lunch and hung round and went to the coffee bar for a few minutes before heading over to HBN for milking. Justin asks me to do one evening milking on a bank holiday weekend. I hurried home, got changed and hustled up the hill to Sherwood, where our whole house had been invited for supper. After a lovely meal with lots of food I went over to Lusmore for Geno's birthday barbeque. Music, people, and more food. Andy and I left around 11:30 and once again I was out like a light. Not sure why I'm so tired.
Sunday morning we got up at quarter to nine and I very descretely used NBF's shower (so sneaky) and had some breakfast and we met up with some other long term co-workers and a Eurythmist and went to Great Ayton Quaker Meeting! It was Andreas's first Quakery experience. I think he liked it, but his lapsed Catholic conscience was probably thinking 'THIS is a religion?'
Afterwards we went to Pinchinthorpe Hall for a beautiful three course meal. Got home full and tired and took a brief nap. Well, brief for Andreas, who had to milk and got up at 3:45. I, however, slept until half past six. Went home, had a shower and some supper and went to the hall for a Eurythmy performace from a group from Stuttgart. A nice fairy tale, but a bit long.
When it finished we went to Skylark for beers and games, which was SO much fun!! We played MAFIA!!! I had no idea it was an international RPG!! The murderers won every time, but everyone had a good laugh. Then, when some people had left, we played Clue, which of course Andreas won both times. He's annoyingly good at that kind of mind game stuff. I lost by the hair of my neck and almost threw a tantrum. Almost.
As we were leaving Andreas couldn't find his shoes anywhere, we search the whole first floor and got nothing. So he took someone else's shoes and just as we were going out the door I saw the shoes: hanging from a hook on the wall right in front of us! A little trick courtesy of Lukas we were sure. So he'll get his soon enough....
Yesterday was the laziest day in the history of Botton. Dreary outside, so we stayed in bed aaalllll day watching films. Got up one time to go home for lunch while Andreas got fish and chips from the fish and chips van. No one cooks on Bank Holiday mondays, so the fish and chips van comes and everyone queus for hours on end. By the time I had gone home and had lunch and washed up and sorted my laundry out and got some films for the afternoon Andreas still hadn't gotten his food. So we went back to NBF, ate some greasy food until we almost barfed and then spent the rest of the afternoon digesting and watching O Brother Where Are't Thou and Chocolat. Came home at half seven for a house meeting to discuss the upcoming week. Ruairidh and Kathryn are going away from Thursday to Monday and Lisa and I are running the house. Should be fine, just lots to remember. Grabbed another film (Failure to Launch) and went back over to NBF. Seriously, it's like I live there. I wonder sometimes if it annoys Ben and Valeska. I mean I dont think it should, it's not like I'm taking Andreas away from any house responsibilites or anything. Anyway, it was a great weekend full of relaxation. But now I'm totally wracked with worry about Dylan, who has a mysterious disease that keeps getting worse. If you pray, pray.