Friday, June 19, 2009

the worst of the worst

basically...the worst thing that can ever happen to a 21st century human being happened to me. my computer crashed last week, just after that last post. i lost everything. i took it to the IT guys here and they spent a whole morning trying to recover stuff, when i'm sure they have better things to do, and when i went to collect it after lunch pete, the main IT guy (and posible lover of Donna, the woman who covered Bracken and broke her foot while Paule and Nick were away, remember?) told me I might want to sit down for this news. I thought he was kidding. he wasn't. i cried. a lot. donna hugged me.
all my pictures. all my music. all my school documents saved as keepsakes. but the real bitch is the pictures. documentation of Paris. when am i ever going there again? never. thank god i püt a few up on this least i have some proof. the one i miss the most is the one i took of the homeless guy after I gave him a sandwich. the ones of botton were mostly landscapes, which i am trying my best to replicate.

i lost the camera, then the computer crashed, then my iPod started malfunctioning. Bad luck comes in threes I guess. The ipod thing is simply a bad headphone connection, costs me 12 pounds. for now i'm using andy's computer and trying my best to keep in touch. i should have the iPod back by the end of next week and the computer as well i think....pete ordered a 250G hard drive for me (an upgrade from 80 G!) and it was like 60 quid...i thought it would be like 200! so thats all okay. i'm over it. Im growing and all that. hope you guys didnt give up on the blog! i know theyve been fewer and further between as of late.
love to all.


Stephen said...

ouch! yeah that hurts. But never say never. You may very well go back to Paris someday. Your friends will load you up with music once again. You will take more nice pictures.

Hey, hey last day of work. Gotta get packin' for a trip.

See you soon!

howard & alison said...

I got thy parents to the airport. Hope they had a good trip.

Rich said...

Robin so sorry to hear you lost all your data that really sucks....

Consider getting a second external drive to back up to. Or there are some cheap/free online storage services (Amazon AS3 for example). Or sign up for Apple's mobileme service ($100/yr) where you can back up files as well as some other features for your mac.

Now that you have a larger hard drive you have even more to lose!

Also you might consider hanging on to the old disk and looking around for disk recovery services when you get back. There may be some forensic capabilities beyond the tech support at Botton.