Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm a terrible updater. No okay I refuse to take blame for this. There is no time in life. Ever. For Christs sake I didn't have a chance to call my own mother for a month! Ooh, it's Holy Week, probably shouldn't say things like that. Anyway, things in Tourmaline are still going really well. Kathryn is so great, the other day she straight up asked me, "So how's your romance with Andreas going?" Um, it's going fine, in case anyone is wondering. Actually we broke up. But not really. Whatever. Actually I was supposed to meet him a few minutes ago. Seriously, there is no such thing as free time.

Oh I should mention that Luis left. Asshole. I'm now the only real co-worker on the farm, meaning I carry the work and the questions come to me and blah blah blah I fucking miss him he was so wonderful. He's doing the farm training in Germany now. And working things out with his ex-girlfriend/girlfriend/whocaresican'tbelieveheleftme. :-(


dftuttle said...

your love life is confusing. I, in Quaker tradition, keep things simple by just not having one ;-P

rtuts said...

hahaha. its not as complicated as it sounds. luis is just my best friend. well he WAS. but you really ought to get one ya know. wait Quakers don't have love lives? i suppose if one thinks of love as war it makes sense. :-P