Friday, March 20, 2009

Move on Up

I finally know how it ends! The whole plan, start to finish. On Monday I move to Tourmaline, a house in the centre of the village complete with a dog, three villagers and a housefather with a temper...and Lisa! The choleric mood swings of the housefather will be challenging, but I think I can handle men's attitude problems more than womens....I seem to be more intimidated by a woman, and with a guy I get all woman-power self-righteous stand-up-for-myself and am able to express my discomfort more freely. Anyway, I'm looking forward to settling in there. It's a tiny loft space, but it's only temporary, and I've always been a fan of small spaces anyway. I was feeling like I might be a bit useless since there are only three villagers and now four co-workers, but the houseparents are going away for a week and they needed someone to help Lisa--so here I am! Also I'll get a bit more opportunity to cook, and probably with Lisa and a bit more help and encouragement...the few times I had to cook in Bracken I was basically on my own. I will continue to work on the farm, it'll just be a long walk home at the end of the day and I'll be very late for supper. Oh! Tourmaline has 'help yourself' breakfast every day. How awesome is that!?
This morning Lucy, the housemother in Hall North, came into the food centre and asked if I would like to come for a meal next Thursday. I've never even been in Hall North and I love going to other houses for meals, so I said sure that would be great. I'd never really spoken to her before, so I was sort of suprised. A bit later Jane Balls came in and told me the master plan! I will live in Tourmaline for a bit. Lucy and her husband Jonas (J=Y) are moving to Rock House in mid-April, getting settled, and then going on holiday in the beginning of May. When they return, I will move to Rock House and be their co-worker! Rock House is supposedly one of hte most beautiful houses in the village. I've never been in it, but it's really incredible on the outside. The villagers in Hall North are alright, and I think there's only three of guy, Michael, is always yelling, "Where are YOU going? What are YOU doing? Where are YOU working today?" when he sees people on the footpath; Jean Fraser is a "small lady" (Down's sydrome) who loves pink and chocolate and jewelry; and Simon is an avid cook and generally sweet guy. Anyway, I gotta go, but that's the big news! It feels good to have things come into place.

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Daniel said...

Robin. Be carefull with Ruaraidh or however you spell his name. He can be really really moody and you can see two different people, depending on his wife being around or not. I am glad Claire is your Botton friend. He is her brother so if you have any problems talk to her.
Good luck with Lucy and Jonas as they seem to be very nice people and Rock House is great but little bit secluded.