Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Six Months

Monday was my six-month anniversary! I can't tell if it feels like a long time or nothing at all. Anyway, I didn't give a lot of detail about last week because I was running around so much and didn't have chance. So here are some pictures!

Carnival was Tuesday night--AMAZING! I have never seen such incredible costumes! The theme was "Fancy Dress," which basically means dress however you want and look as crazy as possible. Most of the men dressed as women.

This is Max. He and another dog were hanging out at the pub while their owners downed a pint or two. He sat patiently on his stool until his owner was thoroughly engaged in conversation, then hopped down and came to join me while my people were out for a smoke. They came back inside and Lukas was like, "The dog took my seat!"

There was a party at the back of the dale hut Saturday night. Nice setting, nice people, but it wasn't thrilling. Slept on the floor by the fire, beautiful in the morning. I mean the weather, not me.

Okay that's it for now. I'm late for work.


Daniel said...

Andreas looks great as a lady :D

I am sure you were already told the scary story about Back of the Dale hut.

Happy Anniversary

rtuts said...

about the kid who hung himself or something like that? well i wasn't thinking about it until now!!! thanks a lot!!! :)

Daniel said...

yup that's the one.

I loved the back of the dale parties. It is such a great place. Only pity that water in the lake is bloody cold even during hot summers and not many people manage to last long in it.
Great place for Sunday retreat.