Tuesday, December 9, 2008

busy bee

that's me. the hectic times continue with shepherds play rehearsals and co-worker supper and the advent fayre on sunday that everyone put so much work into and not very many people came because of the "credit crunch" aka the failing economy and the somewhat icy roads. yesterday i ran the food centre by myself in the morning because magda was seriously ill and puking and katie neilson flipped shit over the slippery pathways that weren't actually slippery and i walked her to thomas weis house and she wimpered the whole way and dug her nails into my arm and i wanted to punch her so on my way home i had some therapuedic brittany spears time with my ipod. then this morning magda was absent again and i assumed she was still sick but i also knew that her house was going shopping in york with the south neighborhood and when as i was leaving for lunch i asked her house-father if she was feeling better and he said yes, she went to york, but there was an accident and the bus flipped over and solara went to the hospital. holy crap. the rest of the story came in bits and pieces throughout the day from various sources, but the gist of it is this: claire, my botton friend, was driving and passing someone and went off the road a bit and lost control and went into a field and the vehicle flipped onto its side. no one was injured, just scared. but then cornelia and solara tried to climb out the window (which was now facing the sky) and this made the bus flip back over and throw them on the ground. solara hurt her back and cornelia hit her head, so they both went to the hospital to be checked out. they are now home and safe and fine. also, a co-worker named miriam who is leaving soon fell on the ice and possibly broke her wrist. dangerous times! okay, time to sleep. sorry for the lack of capitalization and run-on sentences, my brain is too tired and my hands hurt too much from teaching myself Comptine d'un autre été L'après midi on the piano. i can do the hands seperately but not together, i think i'm a bit stupid. and also tired. goodnight.

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