Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm a Bit Daft.

So...the internet is a scary thing. Luis told me today...a very complex chain of events that have prompted me to make this blog private. I'll try my best to simplify, but here it is: Tracy, Luis's house mother, heard from Kathryn Hollis, who was the former wife of Pete Stubbs, a former co-worker in Castle House who left with Kathrine Thistlethwate (who lived in Bracken for a few weeks) that someone was writing about Pete and Kathrine in a blog about Botton. And that blog, was this blog. Also he came up with some other connection about Nick possible reading it, and I do have it linked on my facebook and I'm friends with Madi on facebook and it's all very silly of me. I mean, I don't think I've said anything terrible on here that I feel guilty about or regret or wouldn't talk to someone face to face about, but if I have offended someone who may be reading this, ummm...sorry! So I'm making it private in the next few days, and if you want to keep reading it, send me your email address. (to and I'll add you to the approved list. Also you could hit up my facebook inbox, that works too.
Early to bed, early to rise. OH YEAH AND IT'S FORCAST TO SNOW 20 CM!!!! THAT'S MORE SNOW THAN I'VE EVER SEEN. And it's really rare in Yorkshire! Picture-taking galore! And also, terrifying for many villagers, so that's not good, but seriously, I can't wait to look out the window tomorrow morning! Nighty night. Tea, shower, bed by 9:00. Don't forget to give me your email!


Stephen said...

Yes this is probably a good thing. These things can follow us around, they can be cut and pasted and taken out of context. And they last forever so later when you have changed or feel differently there it is in print and people tend to think that is what must be true even though you no longer think so.

rtuts said...


Cawstein said...

Hi, Rtuts, it is I (the Quaker on the train). For 4 years I could not read you blog about Bottom, but now I can. But have plenty else to read. Anyway, it is nice to remember you. (See