Friday, December 19, 2008

Ut Hoy!

Tonight was the Shepherds Play!
Last night at the dress rehearsal I had a few bites of a sandwich (which I had made for myself before going to the hall at 5:30) and thought, "oh, gee I think I'm gonna be sick. Greaaaat." Kind of a bad time to get the tummy bug. There's this 24-hour vomiting bug going around the village, and, according to the newspaper, going around England and filling up hospitals. Anyway, I'm sort of used to barfing thanks to my pre-celiac-diagnosis vomitfest, so I just ran offstage, barfed, and came back on! I felt alright afterward and didn't feel like I really had the bug, but then this morning I threw up during breakfast (don't worry, I made it to the toilet), so I spent the day in bed. I slept the whole day, and every time I woke up feeling nauseas I mentally blocked it and thought, "Hell no, I am so not being sick, I have to be onstage tonight!" So when I got up at 4:30 to shower and make food and be in the hall by 5:30 I felt fine! Ah, the power of mind over matter.

The show went well, only a few hiccups here and there, but I didn't forget any lines, and I only laughed once...but during a solo, so that was a bit embarrassing. The first line of the second verse of "Lusty Trusty Shepherd Boys" is supposed to be just Daniel singing, but Phil started singing it too and then muttered "Oh bollocks," so when it was my turn to sing the second line I just choked it out through my laughter. But I basically just didn't look at Daniel the whole time so I wouldn't laugh.

After the show we had a little cast party with some goodies and tea and piano playing and dancing and laughing and merriment. Daniel gave Nastasja and I a lift home, and driving down the winding roads perhaps a bit too quickly with music blaring gave me little teenage thrills that I haven't had since beach week after graduation. It was a nice little reminder of a different time.
But now it's late and since I slept all day I'm quite awake...

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Daniel said...

I love the pic with Jeff and Daniel.
Ehh I miss Botton