Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yeah, that's probably not a word. And I have to get up at 5:30, so I'll make this quick!

Things in my Brain:

1. Paule is the best gluten free cook in the world. My vegan GF cookies failed utterly, and, without xanthum gum, she made the most amazing cake thing with hazelnuts and dates. She said she will continue to do trial runs of GF versions of the things she always makes at Christmas time. She even labeled a tin "gluten free goodies" just for me!

2. Shepherds play rehearsal is going well but holy crap I have to memorize my lines! When? I ahve no idea. Shit. Failure approaches...

3. My back and arms hurt SO bad from"
a. slipping and falling repeatedly on ice/snow
b. milking

4. Oh. My. God. It snowed. Tons. Eight inches on the ground and drifts up to four feet deep. I went out this morning for milking and opened the door to have snow blasted into my face by the wind. At breakfast I came in ruddy faced and hungry and everyone is sitting around the table, half of them excited to see the beautiful snow, and the other half grumbling nervously about the prospect of walking in it. Nick gave us all a lift in the mini-bus, but it had summer tires on it and didn't make it up Faulkan drive. Felicity was going to Hall South, and I to the food centre, so I held her hand and we walked together and she is so small and stout and slow and cute and she slipped on a little snow pile and went down foomph! on her big bottom. For the first part of the morning Magda and I shoveled snow around the food centre, clearing paths and salting them. The snow was about a foot and a half deep there. When I came home for lunch I asked Nick how it was getting the bus unstuck from Faulkan drive and he said it took about an hour to get out! So t was a very exciting and special sort of day, like a snow day, but with work. Does that amke sense?

5. I'm keeping this blog public for another few days so people can see that I'm making it private soon and then give me their email addresses.

6. Last night I burned my hand on the steam from the kettle and it didn't hurt at all at first but now its all red and raw and I keep putting Urtica-Arnica salve on it and it's helping. I love anthrosophical medicine! It's so nice to be all-natural! Haha, that sounds funny, but I dunno, I just like the idea of using Calendula ointment instead of chemical anti-bacterial stuff for cuts.

7. tomorrow is the annual Christmas party for the villagers! I'm taking Emily, a.k.a babysitting Emily and making sure she behaves and dealing with her antics...I'm nervous! I hope she listens to me! We'll see...I think it will be fine as long as she doesn't antagonize or provoke a violent villager...which, of course, could happen. Yeesh.

8. Goodnight.

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