Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Party

Boy howdy am I exhausted. This afternoon I escorted Emily to the annual villager's christmas party, being her constant companion and supervisor from 2:00 to 7:30. The party was in the hall, an afternoon of dancing, food, games and more food and dancing! It's hosted by the hired staff like the people who work in the offices and Phil the farmer and Dennis the painter who come for lunch every week in Bracken. So basically I followed Em around for five and a half hours avoiding Teresa (a villager who hates and could possibly attack her) and dancing to Mamma Mia and Status Quo songs over and over and over again. We played "pass the parcel," in which everyone stands in a circle and passes a present around and when the music stops the person holding the gift takes of a layer of wrapping paper and then when the music starts up again they pass it on. The gifts (which eventually turned out to be chocolate) were wrapped in eight or nine layers of paper! So that was cute. There was really only one problem, and it didn't involve Em at all--two villagers (who are new housemates actually) started screaming and hitting each other. It was Beth who used to live in HBN but moved to Hall South, and Christina, who comes for lunch every Monday and is impossible to understand. Oh yeah, and Anthony was super pissed off in the beginning because Terry (a staff guy) wouldn't give him a drink. He was absolutely fuming and yelled, "It's not fair! I should just go over there and tell him to fuck off!" I was totally shocked and just attempted to placate him. He calmed down eventually.

We (Em, Steph, Anthony, Luke and Luis) walked back together and then Phil and I went to play rehearsal in HB Hall until 9:30. I could have gone to bed when we got back from the party, but cest' la vie.

So I shall go to bed now.
Nighty night.

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