Saturday, February 21, 2009


Emily just left to go Amber for the week. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The Poole's leave around ten, and I'm cooking lunch and looking after the house and being at large and in charge and I LOVE IT!! Ben called to invite me to go to Middlesborough with him around one, which would mean missing lunch and not giving Steph her bath, and I need to do the laundry and all that, so I said no. He was like come ooonnn and I said, "Hey dawg, I'm being responsible." So here's to a responsibility-filled week! Honestly I think I'll miss the Pooles a lot! Especially at meal times...Donna, the woman from the office who house-sits for the village, is really really nice, but actually too nice! David will show her one of his paintings and she's like "Ooo good job dear!" And Nick would be like, "That's rubbish David, my dead dog could do better!" The teasing in this house is what makes everything so funny! Ridicule is the key to a good laugh. But everyone loves Donna, and Pat Peirson, a friend of Paule's from Castleton, is coming to cook every morning, and she'll help me with the laundry too. Well, better get working!

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