Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Translations, for Fun

I thought it might be nice to attempt to convey Felicity's speech. Here are a few common phrases.

"How likka wa?" > "How's the little one (Selma, the granddaughter)"

"Ah mekka ahs," > "I'll ask someone else."

"Moalik," > "Good morning."

"Ugh, is like a misery," > "It's miserable outside."

"Ah you billy," > "Are you being silly?"

"Days Tuesday." > "Today is Tuesday." Flips loves to tell us what day of the week it is, and sometime's it's really helpful! Also she'll tell you where she's going for lunch and supper; she goes out for meals a lot, visiting friends in other houses.

"Fide." > "Fine."

"Thas mah bottom woman!!" Self-explanitory: Flip-flops loves having her bottom smacked, and no matter the gender of the person doing it, this is phrase.

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