Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Love

Crazy busy day. Made breakfast, had 20 minutes to myself in which I attempted to sleep while Emily periodically knocked on my door, then took Emily to the church service, which was boring. I didn't fall asleep though, because I had to be hyper-aware of Em the whole time. She sneezed and got snot all over her hands and I didn't have a tissue for her and I couldn't really get up and go get one, so she just wiped it all over her hands....classy. Home for 45 minutes (shower/stare out the window) then off to the hall to help prep for Sweet Love, the Eurethmy students' valentine's day fundraiser. I came a bit too late and ended up with half a bowl of soup and a piece of cheese for lunch. The entire afternoon I was running around setting things up, and then MCing with Marc Antoine and being all on-stage and hammy and "thank you all SO much for coming you all look SO beautiful!!" Got home at 5:45 and had a five-minute cry in my big comfy chair( not really sure why, just needed to let it out I guess) prepared supper with Paule and then ate and then came up here to my room to write this. I was going to go to bed but I just realized I didn't iron my clothes. Bollocks. Also Andreas went to the Grange (another Camphill place near Stroud) for a week-long course in Astrology for his farm training. In his absence I vow to go cigarette alcohol gluten and chocolate free. The dude smokes like a friggin chimney and I admit I am weak willed and have taken to smoking somewhat regularly. I still never feel like I need them or crave them or anything, so a solid week without them should be easy. Just a good way to strengthen my will. Honestly the chocolate part will be harder. Okay, laundry time. Night.

Oh! I almost forgot: Nick and Paule's son Sebastian is here for six weeks, and after this coming week they're all going to France (the whole family, so Ben and Lisa's house parents as well), so Donna, one of the office ladies and house-sitter extraordinaire will come and stay with us. And best of all, Emily will go live in another house for the week, so we'll be FREEEEE!! Paule told me yesterday that on April 19th Emily will leave Botton for good. They've given her parents a legal two months-notice kind of thing, essentially expelling her from the village because we jsut can't handle her. So come April 19th, Paule and I will be free from our little ball and chain. Phew.

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