Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry for the lack of update, the internet never works when I want it to.

So how am I. Good question. I think the basic answer is...tired. I'm sure my wonderful mother has told practically everyone, as she tends to do (it's okay mommy I think it's cute), but I suppose it's time to go officially blog-public and say that Andreas and I have been dating for like...two months. I never said anything on the blog cuz, well, that's awkward, but in order for you to understand why I'm so friggin tired all the time, you kind of need to know that. He lives in New Botton Farm, on the other side of the village, and because we have to be all stealthy and not let the villagers see me sneaking out of his house, I have to get up at 5:30 and walk home three or four times a week. And of course I don't get to sleep until 11:30 (at the earliest) regardless of where I sleep.

On top of being tired, I'm getting fat. OK I know you're all rolling your eyes and saying YEAH RIGHT, but seriously, I think eating meat somehow gave me a fat ass and quadrupled the size of my muffin tops. I don't fit into my jeans properly and I can't even begin to get into my shorts. So that's not exactly a self-esteem booster. I'm going back to being a veg and cutting down on chocolate.

I realize this is becoming a litanny of complaints, but I also have a sprained tendon in my left hand/wrist, and my wrists continue to feel (and sound) as if they're made of peanut brittle. The doc is sending me a brace; it should be here by tomorrow.

Let's see, anything positive? Ummmm. Oh one of the cows calved, but she rejected it. It's a female shorthorn, so she'll stay at Honey Bee Nest and eventually join the herd. She's the most beautiful calf I've ever seen; she almost looks like a fawn! She's a rusty chocolate colour with a white triangle on her forhead, and in the middle of the triangle is a red circle.
Another nice thing is that Lisa Marie comes to work with us on the farm three days a week now. She wants to do the farm training but she'd been working in the press every afternoon and going insane with it. Ben is also leaving the press to work on a farm--the workshop master in the press is a nutjob.

My review is coming up soon, and I'm scared. It's still hard to put a finger on how Paule feels about me. I think things are better and we're getting along and she's being looser and more talkative but then she's telling me to wash out the sink properly (after I'd wiped down everything and just forgotten to rise the basin) and then I forget to put some apples away after making apple puree and she's all "Finish the job properly, it's not finished until it's finished!" and shit like that. I just hate how these little things seem like a big deal to her. Okay, so someone put out the wrong number of plates for supper--who cares!!?? It's not stressful!! But she's heaving a big sigh and making a snippy comment about it and I'm like COME ON why is this a problem, have some perspective! At the same time I have SO much freaking respect for this woman. She's amazing! She's been doing this for so long and she must be SO tired, but she just keeps going!
Anyway, it's definitely time for sleeping. I was in bed this morning with a headache, probably from lack of sleep.

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Stephen said...

Thanks for this Robin. Don't get too run down - you sure are working hard.
Post a picture of this sweet little calf.