Sunday, February 22, 2009

I sort of forgot to express any feelings about my current situation in my previous post. Basically, I'm the house mother. Everyone is coming to me with their problems and expecting them to be fixed, needing attention from me, the one at the head of the table. It seems Paule's seat at the dining table holds a certain amount of power. I'm receiving all the little phrases from Flips that she always seemed to reserve for Paule. Besides cooking lunch today and washing up after breakfast, Phil is actually more of a hinderance than a help. He antagonizes Anthony and bursts into a rousing chorus of "soggy sausage sandwhiches" (an Emily invention) on a regular basis. Donna is here for emergencies and to do the medicines, and she helps with things, but I have to be the one to start supper or do the store order or anything really because she doesn't know it needs to be done or how to do it, and Phil is just on another planet all together. I'm due in Rowan in a few minutes. I love that I can be so honest with Donna!! She knows about Andreas so I was like, hey is it cool if I go to Rowan? Sure. Okay I'll be time for breakfast! Laughter insues. So nice.

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