Monday, January 19, 2009

cute moment of the day

Flips is growing on me like a pretty green moss. She is just so cute. She was so late to supper cuz she had to walk all the way from the woodwork shop and today the weather was disgusting ("like a misery") and the paths got really slippery and slushy. It rained/snowed/sleeted all day long, and I think it will freeze tonight...nice, Yorkshire, really nice. Anyway, she was about 20 minutes late and she came in completely red faced and pathetic looking and went straight to Paule and hugged her and apologized for being late! Oh it was precious, Paule and Nick and I were all like "awww Flips it's okay! Oh you poor thing, walking all that way." It is a common trait among people with Down's syndrome that they love to be treated like kings and queen and being fussed over, so with Felicity and Kathryn Parker I just love to fuss over them cuz they get so cute and happy. Gotta limit it though, and I still have to be clear when they do something wrong and not be afraid to get cross with them and make them unhappy!

This afternoon Ben and Luke and I unloaded a trailer-full of muck up at Nook Farm. Ben and Luke threw it down and I made the most beautiful muck pile in the history of muck piles. It's truly an art. Then we mucked out and I milked and was a bit forgetful but didn't make any big mistakes. I'm getting the hang of it, it's just a matter of practice now.

We played Skittles for neighborhood tonight, and we came in third. Skittles is like bowling with small pins and three small balls and you have to hit the middle pin or you don't get squat. Pretty entertaining. Then I ate some yoghurt and chilled with the villagers in the kitchen, then I came upstairs and had a glass of wine and watched some more of the World Series documentary mom got me :) It's funny even though I know the Phils won I get so excited and nerve-racked about it.

Now I sleep.

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