Monday, January 19, 2009

Seven Pounds

Will Smith's latest film. I absolutely insist you go see it right now if it's still out in the US. Andreas was taking Jojo back to school last night so Lukas (the new young farmer at High Farm who Andreas knows from four years ago),Ben, Lisa, Minae and I came along as well and we went to the cinema in Middlesborough. They had Ben and Jerry's fair trade ice cream in the theatre. Cool.

Napped the morning away, ate lunch, washed up, ironed my laundry (my new favorite activity--seriously! :)), then went on a giant window washing binge and cleaned the kitchen windows and then went into the boot lobby and realized how disgusting the floor-to-ceiling windows were. Imagine driving through a Louisiana bog in the evening in midsummer...all those bugs spattering the windshield. That is what these windows looked like. So I cleaned them too.
Got a nasty cough and am never smoking again. I blame the buggers for the cough.

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