Thursday, January 8, 2009

that was so cute.

Flips just said, "nigh robbi" outside my door so I opened it up and she said "goodnigh my dahli'!" and gave me a kiss on the cheek! I love when she's cute like that cuz at first I thought she didn't like me. Well, maybe she didn't. But now she does and we laugh a lot together and she is just lovely. Unless she's being bossy.

Soooo let's see...todaaay. Not much happened. Food centre was normal chatted with Magda a lot and sorted bottles and had two packets of crisps at tea break to curb a major salt craving. Although I guess that's not curbing, that' into it. Whatever.

Stopped at the Botton Boutique on the way home and scored a Nike hoodie and a really nice blue jumper. Yeah, I said jumper. That means sweater. Nice lunch, but I've noticed that my appetite is totally bust since Monday when I got sick...I just can't eat very much, and after I eat I feel SO full. Phil said he's been feeling the exact same way, so maybe it's like...the new bug.

Made it into my wellies and to the farm, where we worked on moving the muck heap for what felt like ages. I really notice the difference in my back and arms. I had gotten to a point where it wasn't hurting or bothering me anymore, like I'd built a set of muscles specifically for throwing muck, but since we haven't done it in a while it's REALLY painful! All those muscles have turned to flab! So that's crummy....and SHIT! Know what else is crummy?! I lost my friggin glove! One of my black ones that I wear every day to work on the farm! I know, Mom and Dad, they weren't intended for farm use, but the only damage done was that they (when there were two) smelled permanently of muck, no matter how much I washed them. I have no idea where this glove could have gone. It was in my overall pocket in the byres, and then I walked home and it wasn't! I re-traced my steps five or six times, but it is GONE. I'm so friggin mad!

So after a really nice supper full of many a joke and giggle and light conversation, I dashed off to choir (yes, I can dash now! the toe is very forgiving when it comes to walking, even running, but I still can't bend it some ways without severely regretting it) and sang some songs, and then came homeand made some lemon tea because said songs are extremely high pitched and hard on this mezzo soprano's voice. And then I helped Steph with her teeth and she was complaining of a sore bum from falling on the ice, so I gave her the rest of my arnica to put on it. I did have a few thoughts about, 'o, maybe there are rules about this kind of thing,' but then I thought, 'bah, it's only arnica, not ibuprofen of something.' But in case she had to mark it down or something, I went to tell Paule and found her cutting and ironing bits of fabric for a quilt, which reminded me of you Mom, and she said actually we aren't allowed to share medication, even if it is only arnica. She said they used to be able to get away with all kinda of things regarding medication, but now there are so many rules and regs it's ridiculous. Then we got to talking about her quilting and she said it helps her think and find solutions and it's one of the few things she does because she wants to, everything else she has to do. So we had a nice little bonding chat.

Oh. And get this. Remember how Katie is totally annoying and starving herself? Well when she was on holiday, according to her parents she ate like a horse but didn't talk. She came back yesterday and didn't come to supper, then this morning at breakfast she said "I think my appetite has gone again!" As if it were funny or something. She didn't come to lunch until Paule went and got her, and then she wouldn't eat and Paule told her she couldn't leave the table until she finished her food. She didn't eat it all (and it wasn't much to begin with) but we kind of had to clear in the end. It's just so fucking ridiculous! It's like she has some personal vendetta against us! Maybe she wants to move house and this is her twisted way of expressing it...but regardless, it is so annoying. We're trying to give her more attention to see if that gets her to eat more because we thought maybe the not-eating shit was because she feels starved for attention (no pun intended) because Emily demands all our focus.

And on that note, I am reminded that we haven't heard a word from Emily's parents about when she's coming back from her holiday. And we're kind of tempted to not say anything and hope they keep her.

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