Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning new tabs

So Phil's guitar has what is beginning to be a permanent residence in my room, and thus, I am learning more Patty Griffin songs. There's like a million of them, but I'm working on Icicles and When it Don't Come Easy.

I made it to the food centre and back this morning and worked on the farm this afternoon, going for the "no pain no gain/what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" approach, and silently wondering if my toe will eventually give up and fall off.

Went to the coffee bar with Luis and met up with Andreas and Lisa (Rowan) and had a laugh or two and then went back to Botton Farm with Andreas and we watched a film with Ben and Valeska (Laura's cousins) and some of their villagers. It was a great documentary about this french guy who walked a tightrope between the World Trade Centre towers. Forget what it was called, but you should all see it!

And now I go to sleep.

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