Friday, January 9, 2009

Ladies Night!

Magdalena, Minae, Sejin, Moniq, Rie and I went bowling for a food-centre-co-workers outing, and Christine, the housemother from Dalehead, tagged along too. It was so fun! Christine is great and has a fabulous scottish accent, and we bowled and had drinks and some not-so-gf-food and I didn't suck at bowling!! I was actually really quite good in the beginning (especially considering the last time I went bowling was on my very first date with a boy in 7th grade and I dropped the ball on his foot), but there was an obvious correlation between how much I drank and how much worse I got! But I only had a pint of cider and a glass of wine...and it was cool to have proper cider, and I realized the stuff we made in the food centre was not cider at all! Oh well...

Always fun to go to Middlesborough. The people are so ridiculous, one might as well be going to the zoo for all the oggling and laughing at the expense of others one does.

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anniebeeeee said...

ooooo brady?!?!?! and p.s. you are starting to sound so British. i think it's quite cool that you got to have proper cider a well :P LOVES