Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think the Universe is trying to tell me something

I am getting so fed up with this shit. Here's the thing: my toe is still broken and painful. I am taking arnica tablets and putting arnica cream on it and taking Symphytum tablets and doing it all homeopathically. The problem is that my Uggs are the only shoe I can comfortably wear, but they're so floppy and making my feet turn in and are bad for my back and actually gave me fucking shin splints from their lack of arch support so I went back to wearing my trainers, which have wonderful support but squish my toe and make it hurt like hell. So I went to the health centre this morning and asked for painkillers, but they don't have any. The nurse said I could get some from the co-op, but really I should just walk less, because the fact that it is still hurting means it's not healing and I have to allow it time to heal. But the shit thing is that in this village you have to bloody walk!!! I have to go from Bracken to the food centre every morning (see map) and then back, and on the farm I wear wellies which squish my toe as well, and I'm on my feet the whole friggin day! So I am really pissed. And it is so hard here to get out of walking! I don't want to just sit around and do nothing, that's just stupid and makes me feel lazy and useless, so I need to figure out if there are some days I can stay home until 4:30 and just milk instead of doing full blown farm stuff. Apparently someone gets a lift to HBN every morning and then the transport goes back to the centre, so I will see if I can go to HBN at 9:00 and get a lift to the food centre for a week or so.
This afternoon I called Justin and asked to come at 4:30 and just do the milking and he, as usual, was totally cool with it. I asked Paule if there was anything I could do at home and she said no, nothing that doesn't involve walking, so I read and napped until 4:30. And then the fun began...
I went up to the byres and cleaned the machines and got everything all ready before the cows were even in because everyone else was still at tea break. I wanted to get it finished really quickly because Paule said she would give me a lift to the coffee bar for my supper/meeting with the social gatherings group I'm in. SO then we brought the cows in and I got started and I was the only one in the byres while everyone else sorted out the calves and did other things, and as I was cleaning Holly's teats she was perfectly fine as usual until I got to the last one and out of NOWHERE her hoof flies up and she kicks me in the face. I dropped the strip cup and fell back and grabbed my face and found my hands covered in blood! I've never had such a bloody nose. And I was alone! I kind of yelled but all that came out was a "nnggg!!" so I went outside and yelled for Luis and he came to where I was hunched over on the ground crying and he told me later he thought I was having a fit or something but then he remembered that I'm not epileptic lol. He was so confused until I pulled my hands away from my face and he saw all the blood, and he went and got Justin and some paper towels. I rapidly came round to realize that it actually didn't hurt so bad and I started laughing at how dramatic it looked with so much blood and just how fucking ridiculous it was. Justin asked if I was alright and I looked up to the sky and said, "If my nose is broken I am going to be SO MAD!!" So then I was fine, and Justin said, "right, before we do anything else--" and I said, "oh, right, I should wash my hands." Um, wrong. He wanted to know which teat I had touched that made her kick me, so I showed him, and when he went for it she tried to kick him too! Twice! As soon as she did he grabbed her tail and pushed it up, which hurts them quite a bit and is what we do to teach them not to do things. But then he felt around the teat and got milk out of it and there was nothing wrong with it at all, and no reason for her to kick me! Luckily she's pretty small and bony. Later when I was milking White Bean Luis said, "I think when she kicks you, your nose is definitely broken." Beany's a big girl.

So I carried on milking and went home and showered and Paule took me to the centre and I had supper and a meeting in the coffee bar with Maisaa, Andreas, Ben, Micha and Jana about our co-worker gatherings and making new guidlines and where can we have parties and we want a space for these things that can be really just ours but is that possible and what can we do for now and blah blah blah. We went in circles a bit, but in the end we got some things down. Then Ben and Andreas and I went to the co-op for some things (I got ibuprofen, which will hopefully prevent me from looking like a raccoon tomorrow), and then to the pub. I had a really nice Italian rose pinot grigio...and yo, wine is so expensive! It's so uncool! A pint of beer is like 2.50, and my glass of wine was 3:10! And it's like, half as much liquid! But it was really nice and cozy and we sat by the fire and talked for ages. The only problem is that my nose is totally clogged with dried blood and I can't breathe or smell. Okay, enough complaining. Sorry.

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