Friday, January 2, 2009

I Love Food.

Basically I ate all day. Again.

Breakfast here at 8:30, then to Rowan at 10:00 to have breakfast with Ben and Lisa since Ben left today to go home for a week. So the three of us, plus Pat, one of the villagers in their house, ate and chatted and had a nice time. Also Joan Tukman, this REALLY old lady from Trefoil (one of the houses in my neighborhood), stopped in on a walk around the village (more like a hobble) and sat down and had coffee with us and babbled on about things. So Botton.

Then I called home to say I wouldn't be home for lunch but Madi told me it was sausage and bacon and sauerkraut and potatoes and I was like, "Oh yum, never mind! See you for lunch!" Okay it sounds gross, but I've been craving those things for like two weeks. So I ate lunch. I spent from 2-4 making a video of clips I've taken of Botton; half of it is all Pride and Prejudice Sountrack peaceful niceness, and then the song changes to "Alright Alright" by Sahara Hotnights and it's all clips and pictures of parties. I'm pleased with it. But it's too big a file to upload here, so you'll all have to wait till I get home to see it!

Anyway, farming this afternoon: mucking out and then doing all the calves/teenagers/Rufus and Saffron with food water and bedding while Justin milked. Ben wasn't feeling well, and since Justin and Tracy both just had the stomach bug, we sent him inside to rest.

Everyone except Nick and Phil and I went elsewhere for supper, so I fended for myself. It was bloody brilliant. I ate leftover chicken curry straight from the pot, then found an over-ripe avacado and made some guacamole and ate it with corn crackers and a big glass of milk, and topped it all off with an enormous belch and a bowl of yoghurt. Then I played the guitar and tried to put a tune to a song I wrote this summer but all that came out were nice licks that didn't go with the song at all.

Tomorrow night is Isabel Mark and Joanna's joint birthday party (natives), and I have to dress up as something that begins with an I, M, or J. I'm thinking Joni Mitchell but I have nothing to wear! Or Jasmin from Aladdin. But seriously, I'm kinda limited when it comes to costume design....

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