Monday, January 12, 2009


Let's see...

Saturday was supposed to have really nice weather and I had all these plans to go hiking after lunch but the weather SUCKED so instead I went to the coffee bar. At the coffee bar I found Andreas, who had come down with the same tummy bug I had and was feeling crappy but was also in need of some beverages. I myself was short on alcohol, and with Ben's birthday party in Rowan that night, we figured a quick trip to the Castleton Co-op was in order. So we did that, and then we watched Swordfish, and I came to the conclusion that Halle Barry is a shite actress. Then I came home for bible evening, which was of course just Nick talking the whole time about things I have no clue about. But he's still on my cool list. Have I mentioned that I'm quite fond of him? I am. He's cool. And also extremely well learned, so I learn tons of little things from him.
Anyway, then around quarter to 11 I walked to Rowan in a windy rainy mess and stopped on the way to rescue some floundering chickens whose coop door wasn't locked and inside was a whirlwind of feathers and sawdust and chickens with bad grip.
The party was really nice, not too big or too small, and nice and diverse. Some girls who are usually in the non-alcoholic group (the 'wallflowers,' if you will) came, and the Koreans showed us a really funny Korean drinking game where you go around the circle and say a number and then everyone holds up one, two, or no thumbs, and then you count the thumbs and if it turns out to be the number you guessed, you get to smack everyone else on the wrist with two fingers that number of times. It was hysterical cuz the boys didn't want to hit the girls, and these girls who are usually really quiet had no problem hitting them! I was the last to leave after having some QT with Ben and Lisa, and I got home and in bed by 3:30.

Slept in on Sunday, read and ironed all my clothes in the morning, and went to Wilfred's christening at 3:00. Wilfred is Justin and Tracy's beautiful baby. He is so handsome I can't get over it every time I see him I'm just like WHOA that is the most beautiful baby ever. The christening was brief, I came home and...I don't remember. Oh yeah I watched Gossip Girl online. Niccceee. Then we had supper, then rushed off to a concert in the hall. Lovely piano/cello sonatas by Chopin, Bach and Rachmaninoff played by a world class cellist and his incredible accompaniast. I was expecting old people, but these guys were in their early thirties/late twenties!

It's my week to make breakfast, so I did that this morning. Then off to the food centre, where I pushed orange peels through a grinder all morning. I went to the Health Centre to get some arnica tablets at tea break cuz today I wore my sneakers for the first time in ages and it absolutely killed my toe. I've been wearing my Uggs cuz they're loose and squishy, but they're not exactly waterproof, and it's very wet outside now. Also they're bad for my posture and arches and back and, okay, Uggs are just bad for your body. So at the Health Centre I explained to Alma about my toe and she gave me some Arnica and a container of Symphysite (I think that's what it's called...something close to that at least) which she says is a bone-mender, which reminded me SO much of Harry Potter and Skelo-gro and Madam Pomfry.

Tidying up around the farm in the afternoon, then harvesting swedes, then mucking and milking. And oh! I had given my overalls to Justin on Friday so they would be washed with the others, and I went to get them today from the washroom in HBN and I couldn't find them, but I DID find a pair that fit me! It's so wonderful! They're blue and all the buttons work and only one pocket is messed up and best of all they're ME SIZED!! :) The others were montrous and I struggled with them on a regular basis. So I'm a happy farmer. And also a sleepy one! I had two cups of coffee today and I am still totally wiped out! Actually I don't usually drink coffee, and then today I had those two maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't drink coffee. Cuz it was a pretty normal day, I shouldn't be so exhausted! I yawned my way through supper and practically fell asleep in the sink when we cleaned the kitchen in HBN Hall.
So now I will go to sleep.


Simply Barcore said...

Are young people over there rocking this terrible puffy-coat-with-fake-fur-hood thing like they are here? Even the boys are doing it now, and it's starting to rile me almost as much as the ubiquitous Uggs.And on this one, I blame the Europeans. Probably the Swedes.
Which reminds me, when harvesting the swedes, make sure you deport them quickly. The buggers are good at escaping.

rtuts said...

hahahahaahahahaha, no no puffy coats with fur. peta is all over the fur issue according to our daily newspaper...big anti-fur protest are the hot topic right night to the photos of bleeding israeli children. :/