Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As Expected

So its been a few days. I was going to say it's been a nice few days or an interesting few days or some kind of few days but it hasn't really been anything lemme break it down:

1. Lovely co-worker things; Maisa informed me that a bunch of people get together on Wednesday nights to play sports in the school because apparently I look athletic (woot.) and last night after supper in the coffee bar we played "social games" in the hall with some lady doing a rather good impersonation of T. Michael. Hilarity ensued: the pair who never understood what was going on, the fifty year old man pretending to be a bear and chasing people, tiny Asian girls pretending to be bears, Jan using math to figure out how to make a square with a rope and we were all blindfolded, and afterwards laughing and smoking and squealing and FINALLY being my usual hyper crazy self with my wonderful co-workers who asked if I was usually like this. They seemed happy when I said yes.

2. Katherine left this morning and it made me sad and as I thought, tonight at supper Paule informed me that in Katherine's absence, I am "getting promoted." What a nice way of saying "now you have to do a lot more work in the house." So tonight I put Emily to bed for the first time and it went very well. Nick and I had a nice talk about giving the villagers boundaries, a talk I've had before, but not with him, and it was nice to have his input as well.

3. I am thoroughly taking advantage of the piano in the hall and have almost finished teaching myself Samson by Regina Spektor among other things.

4. I love the cows. Sybilla is so cute. At work this afternoon I was really tired and I lay on Sybilla for a while and tried to absorb some of her good energy but ended up with a bad case of interesting.


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Simply Barcore said...

I wonder what the cow got from you in return...