Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh yay.

So just for a quick update before I fall asleep, now that Lisa is gone, Louis is way friendlier. I thought about it and realized that Lisa probably would have felt jealous or protective if Louis had chatted with me a lot. But now he is super chatty and friendly and we will be great friends. I very much enjoy my routine now of working in the food centre and teaching Angelica english and having fun with Stephanie and then working on the farm in the afternoon with the boys (Justin the farmer, Louis, Luke and Neil the two villagers). Neil is the one who talks non-stop, which does get old really fast, especially when he continues to tell you things even though you tell him that he has already told you something. Luke is a bit annoying with his incoherent ramblings, but I really wouldn't mind so much if he didn't seem to follow me around a bit...that's a little creepy. Today he had an epileptic fit--I didn't even know he was epileptic. We were walking down the road and all the sudden he made this big yelling sound and I figured he was just making a noise for funsies, but then I noticed Justin (who is also his house father) hovering over him and taking the hedge clippers from him. He guided Luke over to the hillside and Luke layed down and put his hands on his face and moaned for a bit, and then he was fine. Louis explained it to me later on: he doesn't have grand mal seizures and shake like crazy or anything, and he makes that loud noise before it happens, so people can lay him down while he has the fits. And the fits themselves are sort of internalized brain fits I think. Fascinating, and a bit scary. Anyway, so my schedule is really nice, the only thing I dont like is...meal times i guess. Every meal is partly enjoyable because the villagers can be very funny without even trying to be and we all laugh together, but then Nick will flip a shit over Emily getting mustard on the table or Anthony trying to sneak in a third cup of tea or something. And then it gets all tense and bad. And then of course, there's when I do something wrong and the house parents are super irratating about it and treat me like a child when really I have given them no reason to do so. And the need to be proper all the time drives me insane. Everyone who knows me knows I have like zero table manners...I fart loudly and burp when I want to and say bizarre things and its all wel and good and funny at home, but here I dont even do those things and I somehow manage to get myself into trouble! I think Nick and Paul are just...I dunno, old? Things at the farmhouse seemed a bit more relaxed when I went there for lunch. But it's hard to compare one meal to all of this. I'll ask Louis about it.


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Daniel said...


I just wanted to say hello and to let you know that I really enjoy reading you blog.

I used to be co-worker in Botton. I used to work with Nick so I know exactly what you mean when you write about the way he speaks. I hope you will be fine in Bracken as it is definitely not the easiest house to live in, for a young person. There were few young people that basically asked to be moved to another house.

Have a good time in Botton. Andreas is a great guy. :D