Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Like a Night Club for Senior Citizens

A very nice day. I totally missed breakfast this morning because I slept through both my alarm and the bell...that's a first! I was a bit surprised that no one woke me up, but it was fine. I ge the impression that snacking is not allowed, which makes sense, because if the villagers see you snacking they will think it's okay for them to root around in the fridge whenever they please, and then all hell would break loose. So i was very sneaky and just went into the larder (a.k.a pantry) and got some rice crackers with jam and muesli. Then I did the usual Saturday morning chores, helping Emily clean her room and organizing David and Anthony's closets and cleaning the sinks and my own room. Katherine is awesome. I really love having a younger person around who likes to have fun with everyone and says things like, "right, brilliant," all the time. Too bad she's leaving on Sunday. Maybe I should attempt to convince her to stay...

For lunch I went to Tour House where Angelica lives. Another girl, Cornelia, from Germany, lives there as well. In between translating with Angelica, Cornelia and I had some nice conversations. She also thought there would be more "togetherness" with the co-workers, so it was nice to know someone shares my opinions and thoughts. I think we will be good friends.

After lunch I went to the library and read an ecology magazine and found Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie, a book I have wanted to read for a long time. I got absorbed in my reading and was late to the coffee bar. On the weekends different houses run the coffe bar, and today was our house's day. When I arrived, Mycha (Meeka, the other American) and Nastia were sitting on a bench with Ned (I think I mentioned him, the really funny villager who is non-stop hilarity) and I said hi, and Mycha said, "You're late." It was kinda unfriendly, and I think Nastia noticed cuz she gave me a somewhat encouraging smile. I figured there would be a few people in the coffee bar...holy crap was I wrong. The whole VILLAGE was in the coffee bar. Phil was behind the counter with David and Stephanie was washing dishes and there was a line of at least 15 people waiting and 30 more sitting around sipping tea and munching biscuits (cookies) and talking and jumping around and reading newspapers--it was madness! I felt so bad for being late! I hadn't thought it would be such a big deal, this coffee bar! So I started taking orders as fast as I could, but it was so awful and nerve-racking because A. I'm totally horrible at math, even simple adding, and I hadn't done addition in months anyway! and B. I didn't know where anything was or how much things cost--only some thigns were labeled, and C. I didn't recognize any of the money! I need to sit down and study it! There's a two pound coin, a one pound coin, and a fifty, twenty, ten, five, two and one pence coin! And they are all sorts of shapes and sizes, it's ridiculous. But I survived. And it was really nice to hear some villagers yelling "HI ROBIN!" over the din. And I introduced myself to a few more villagers who found my name quite amusing. But this time instead of thinking it was a boy's name, they compared me to a bird. It was very cute.

Now I'm bloggin (obvi) and I think before supper I will go sit in the barn with Molly and read. Last night when I went to put ehr back in her stall I sat down in the hay and very nearly fell asleep. The hay was so warm and Molly was being so cute and jumping on my was lovely. So I'll have to be careful I dont fall asleep and miss supper as well.

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