Saturday, October 25, 2008

Got Mad Pains

Me duele la espalda. Really bad. I can't even bend down. No way am I going hiking to a pub the weather looks slightly hurricane like. Angelica is coming over for supper tonight and basically to say goodbye cuz she's leaving on Monday. Might be awkward...think I'll be doing a fair amount of translating.
Also, Katherine leaves on Wednesday and I'm super sad cuz she's awesome and we've been bonding and I know all about her life and it turns out this guy from nextdoor and her have been together for a while but keeping it under the radar and they're leaving together. She's not telling any of the villagers that she's leaving, I think she's just gonna slip away and then Paule will explain to them that she's not coming back. Emily is going to be devestated. Katherine will miss her a lot as well; she keeps saying she would adopt her if she could. Her not being here will change things I think. Nick has been in such a poopy mood recently, losing his patience with the villagers a lot, and it's been nice to be able to say, "Geez, he needs a nap," to someone.

One thing that's very odd is that I've been here for three weeks and I don't even know the people who live next door. I'm familiar with most of the residents of Honey Bee Nest and Trefoil, but Castle House is like a big mystery. Luis has been here for like two and a half months and he only just met Nick and Phil last night! Because we're all so spread out, it's hard to know everyone immediately, but that's why we have weekly events and gatherings. Unfortunately, a lot of the house parents and co-workers don't go to those things so you never see them. It's true my life consists of about 20 people consistantly, from the food centre, home, and the farm.
AHHH need to recline and do yoga.

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