Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things I Miss Super Super Bad

1. Westtown. G2. Streaking. Neighbees and wifey. '08.
2. Lucy, and dogs in general.
3. Simon, even if he is a jerk sometimes.
4. Ginger snuggles.
5. Hope mom and dad aren't offended they rank after the pets...
6. Avocados
7. um, wheat? but damn i love rice cakes.


Anonymous said...

NEIGHBEEEEE I miss your sexyass. I miss being naked and running into your room...i got my tongue peirced. I wish you were here to keep me company and not eat with me. haha. I love you!!!

anniebeeeee said...

8) only my best friend ever, annie bizzle

rtuts said...

fo shizzle.