Friday, October 10, 2008


Just got smacked in the eye by a cow's tail. Probably the most painful thing that can happen to your eyeball. But hey, I get out of farm work for the next two hours. I had a nice conversation with Katherine a few minutes ago...she's standing in for Paule while she's away. She's really nice and chill and friendly and witty. I wish she was here for longer. She used to live in Honey Bee Nest but she had some sort of falling out with Justin and his wife (the House Parents) and lived in Bracken for a few weeks. She says the stress of the situation made her ill or something and she had to leave and be in the hospital for a bit and now she's back just for the few days Paule is absent.
Angelica and I talked a lot in the Food Centre this morning, working on her English and my Spanish. I taught her the difference between "to" and "too" and "know" and "know." When you're teaching someone Englsih you start to realize how hard it would be to learn. In Spanish, the verb conocer means to know a person and saber is the verb used when your talking about knowing facts. But in English one uses the same word for both contexts. And things like weight and wait, which sound exactly the same in a sentence and you have to understand the whole context of the sentence to know which one is being used. Yeesh. But she learns really fast and I think she'll be fine. I'm having lunch with her tomorrow in Tour, the house I was originally supposed to live in. And on Sunday I'm eating at Honey Bee Nest. So I'll get out of the house a little. Which is good, cuz I'm very comfortable to lay in my room all afternoon (in the mornings we clean) and read and be a hermit.


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