Monday, October 13, 2008


Well that happened sooner than I thought it would. At lunch, when we were passing the plates back to Paule so she could put them on the trolley and the fruit plates were coming round I started whistling softly. Paule looked up and said, "Who is whistling?" And I thought she was going to compliment my mad whistling skills, but when I said it was me she shook her head and said, "No, that is not good table manners." Well excuuuuze me! I hate all this fucking manners shit!! I get that we have to set a good example for the villagers, okay? I fucking get it. I dont have a problem with it. I did it all the time at school. So that pissed me off. Then I ate a kiwi and went to grab a little apple from the fruit basket and Nick said, "I'm sorry Robin, but you've already had one. Look around, does anyone else have a second piece?" If anyone ever wants me to punch them in the face and they wat to get me really angry really fast, just be really condescending. And I will punch you in seconds. I was practically shaking with rage when I washed up, and David distracted me by asking about saloons and cowboys in America. After washing up I went into the living room for tea and Nick approached me and started saying how, in case I was confused about why he had reprimanded me earlier, we must always set a good example. I was staring into my tea and stirring it rather aggressively. Paule was sitting there as was David, but I kept staring and stirring and said, "Yeah, I GET IT. It's not the reasoning I have a problem with. It's that when you correct me you have a tendency to be incredibly condescending. I'm not a villager." And he seemed...kind of impressed that i said something. And he told me that i should always tell him when he is condescending because he may not realize that he's doing it. Then I read the newspaper and hated on Sarah Palin with David, who kept calling her Sarah Johnson and that she's a daft bird.

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