Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Clarification

Several things have come to my attention. The first is in reference to Lisa and Louis, two people mentioned in an earlier post. I thought that I had previously mentioned them and explained their relation to myself and each other, but perhaps not. So I will explain: Louis is from Germany and is staying in Botton for a year. His girlfriend Lisa was here visiting him for two weeks but has now returned to Germany.
The second thing is a question of my language and use of expletives in my writing. It should be known to readers that I am using this blog rather like a diary, and my choice of words is my own. For those of you more delicate of word and speech, I ask that you do not judge me, and remember that in this day and age such words are likely to spout from the mouth an eighteen year old girl. Words placed neatly as these are far too precise and proper for one who finds propriety highly overrated. I hope this clarification helps to settle any feathers I may have ruffled and soothed any feelings of discomfort; do be warned that the language you have encountered is certain to continue, as it would hardly be appropriate for these words to be anyone's but my own.

With warmest regards,

Robin (a.k.a John Steinbeck's biggest fan)

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