Monday, October 13, 2008

Gettin Mah Sing On

So I've been going to Honey Bee Hall almost every night and playing the piano. I'm not getting any better really (I still can't use both hands at once) but it's good to sing out loud and feel like no one is listening so I can be all secure and stuff. The other night I left my laptop on the kitchen counter when I came back (I bring it to the Hall so I can use chords i've found) and then I went out again to keep Molly company for a bit, and when I came back there was a note from Nick saying he had taken my laptop to my room for me. So then last night he saw me coming back with my laptop and he gave me this big lecture about leaving it on the counter. I am getting so sick of these lectures. Sometimes I'm like, okay I totally understand why I need to do things this way, but then he's so condescending I can't stand it! I'm like, okay I'm not a villager, geez. He can be soooo snippy it really gets on my nerves. I think pretty soon I'm gonna have to ask him to not talk to me like that. I wonder how that will go....

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