Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Splendid Happenings!

These splendid things are as such:

1. went to the doctor and he said i either have a wacked out ovary that hates me and enjoys inflicting pain, or i have the beginnings of appendicitis. the "surgery" was a modern building surrounded by 200 year old stone cottages in Danby. when i walked back to the doctor's office/exam room i was greeted by four cows, standing to attention at the window, ready to offer their advice and opinions with an occasional moo. the doc also took three blood samples, one for a standard CBC, one to check up on the levels of...something that will indicate how my celiac disease is doing, and the third to test for egg and milk allergies. he said i'm a really unlikely candidate to have so many allergies because i've never had excema or asthma or any of the things that usually go hand in hand with such an enormous amount of food allergies. he shared the opinion of mom and dad, saying it really depends on the kind of test that was performed and it is all relative. so i think the test he's doing is more precise than the saliva one...something about blood just seems more indicative than saliva. i'll get those results back in a week or so.

2. tonight at supper the phone rang and nick got it and then came back and told me to phone mycha after we were finished eating. i'll admit i was a bit apprehensive about calling her since she had been a bit cold to me in the past, but when i called her back she said she had called to make sure i was okay! she said "we were worried since you weren't at the foundation course meetings," which made me think...we? people noticed i was gone? people cared? HOORAY! she also called to invite me to a party at her house on saturday for her birthday! a party! with co-workers! my dreams are coming true! haha. yay.

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