Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is Not About Yorkshire.

It's about the love of my life, Westtown. And I am P.O'd! A girl from 07 got kicked out with a bunch of other dumdums (some of whom I actually really liked, they just made shitty decisions and paid for it), and her family sued Westtown. I hadn't thought about it in a while, but suddenly Facebook is all up in arms over these videos. Please watch, absorb, and then send Mr. Depew (the fat ugly guy) a message about why he is dumb. Here is what I wrote to him (via his youtube account):

Speaking as a recent graduate, and someone who knows your daughter and her friends, I must say, your reaction is highly inappropriate. Posting these videos is juvenile and tactless. Westtown is an incredible school, and your daughter abused her position as a student there. The security and health of the students is one of the schools top priorities, and the administration has a far clearer perspective on that subject than you. If Westtown had security checkpoints at the entrances and armed guards wandering campus at night and metal detectors, Westtown wouldn't be Westtown! You need to understand that while the school's security measures may seem inadequate to you, they work very hard to instill in the student body a level of integrity and trust that one will not find in another institution. We as students hold a responsibility to the school and to ourselves to respect the rules, and you're daughter failed. I admit, I too have broken some of Westtown's rules. I have run around atop many places on campus one is not supposed to be, but as a prefect my junior and senior year, I stopped shiking. As teenagers we find certain thrills in the breaking of rules, and Westtown is there to teach us that rules are there for a reason. I was caught by the security guards, who are very good at their jobs, on a few occasions, but I never did anything drastic like drinking or smoking or sneaking out after hours. The fact of the matter is, very few people ever did. And those who did were caught and dealt with appropriately. Your anger towards Westtown is unwarranted--it's Christine you should be angry with. To be given the opportunity to attend a school like Westtown is a dream many kids will never experience. For some of us it is a gift, one that we should cherish and be thankful for. You should be embarrassed for posting these videos. Ted, Chris and John are wonderful people who work incredibly hard to provide a healthy, lively education for hundreds of kids, and you should be ashamed for causing them trouble.


Robin Tuttle, '08

ohhhhhh snap.

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