Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Should go to Sleep

But I just wanted to say hey. Tomorrow is Halloween and I have volunteered to help out with a party thing for the villagers in the coffee bar. This guy Marc Antone (is that how you spell it when it's pronounced 'an-twon?') is in charge of Folk Club, which is basically just him and this other guy playing guitars and pianos in the coffee bar and doing sing-alongs with the villagers and other people do stuff in an open-mic sort of way. Nice.

Tonight I came in after farming and barely had time to sit down cuz Paule had gone to a meetign and I had to prepare supper. Nick helped a bit, as did Stephanie, and I got to sit at the head of the table and dole out the tea and be in charge and all that and then I did the washing up and I was late for choir already so I figured I could make Anthony's bed for him but then Paule returned and she said she would do it so I wouldn't be really late for choir. We are singing the ugliest song ever in this choir and Claire, who is the choral leader and my Botton Friend, isn't a terrible director, but it makes me realize how awesome Sara Jane was at Westtown and how bitchin chamber singers sounded. This song we're doing is in Japanese for one thing, and it also has no melody, its just a series of clashing notes and rediculous keys. Blech. There are two lovely songs, Evening and Who Stands at the Threshold, that we do as well, but we're only performing the ugly one. Okay, definitely time for sleep. OH! HOLY CRAP! Go Phillies! Winners! Moooooooooooom I hope you tivo'd it!!!

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