Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Good Rapport

Walking back from the food centre this morning I ran into Anthony, who was also on his way back to Bracken for lunch. He said his usual, "Hello my deah!" and invited me to walk with him. He gave my his arm and we walked back together, discussing how the cold weather makes us feel fresh and lively. I noted that he does a lot of walking, back and forth to and from the woodwork shop, which is all the way on the other side of Botton. He agreed that it was very good exercise, and insisted that it was making him younger. I very much enjoy chatting with him. Sometimes he gets into spats with the other villagers, particularly Felicity, who can be very bossy, and then he's hopelessly moody and plays the victim every time.
I also love working with Steph. She is so good natured and agreeable and never gets involved in any drama or quibbling. And she loves music, so this morning as we scraped labels off of jars until our fingers were pruned and covered in glue, I put an iPod earbud in each of our ears and we listened to one of my livelier mixes. She gets really into rap and hip hop and was putting her arms up in the air and smiling so much I had to get her to focus more on the jars and less on the music. Steph also occasionally slips little pictures under my door when I'm reading. So cute.
One of the cutest things one could ever see if Felicity laughing. I want to get a picture of it so badly, but it almost always happens at dinner, so I'll have to plan ahead. David and I talk sometimes, usually whle we do the washing up, and he always wants to know about cowboys and saloons in America. Katy doesn't say much at all. She is very thin and shaky and frail looking, but her memory is very good and she always seems to remember the things we all forget (like which house the other villagers go to for lunch any day of the week). Emily is....Emily. I've come to understand her habits and the like, and know how to deal with her more clearly. She needs constant reassurance and attention, so she always says things like, "robin I really, really love you," not because she particularly loves me, but because she wants the feedback and entertainment. I just say things like, "how lovely," or "that's wondeful Emily, it's good to be loving."

On a different note, I am in far less pain today, so I think it's safe to say I'm free of appendicitis!

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Stephen said...

Your circle of friends is growing ... it just takes a little time.