Sunday, October 19, 2008

Overall, Fun Was Had.

Sooo several things that some may find interesting; I will do my best to summarize precisely, something you may have noticed I'm terrible at.
That boy from the coffee bar, Till, showed up unannounced after dinner, and it was super awkward. I talked to him while I cleaned up the kitchen and then made some lame excuses and ran and hid upstairs hoping he would go away. Katherine came up the stairs as I was coming out of the bathroom, which is of course the best hiding place. I said, "That was soooo awkward I have no idea why he just showed up," and she said, "Yeah , I'd watch out for that one." Apparently after I left he hung around her while she did the washing up and she got a real creeper vibe from him. So I resolved to call him in the morning and cancel our Whitby plans because "I feel really really sick." Mycha called to cancel the shindig due to a bad case of cramps. I made her the best mixed CD ever created, and I'll put it in her mailbox tomorrow. So then we had the group meeting thingy and like I said, I didn't want to go because Ettiene, the french guy, would be there, but he was totally fine. The meeting was super boring mostly...the question was three fold: what does Camphill mean to me, does Botton reflect this, and are the Bible evenings healthy in Botton? Having two and a half weeks experience, I said what I could, but I've never been to a bible evening so I just said I was fortunate to go to a school that taught lessons in Islam Buddhism and Hinduism as well as Bible and Quakerism, an I think for the bible evening at Botton to be healthy they should include readings from the Bagavad Ghita or the Ramayana in case those teachings speak to some people more than the Bible.

Louis wasn't at the group meeting, so I called him around 10:00 to a. see if he was okay and b. see if he wanted to watch James Bond cuz we had talked about doing so earlier in the week. Turns out he wasn't at the meeting cuz he was working at the wedding party that had been in Honey Bee Hall...and he had snagged a bottle of Chardonnay. So now that the hall was empty we could go downstairs to the game room (with Molly of course!) and play pool and watch the movie...until 2:30 am. Whoops. I can't believe co-workers supposedly do this all the time! For one, I woke up totally hungover, which is surprising because I only drank like half the bottle which is probably the equivilant of two or three glasses. Whatever, it was really really fun and nice, and I also didn't have to lie to Till when I told him I was sick! So I went back to bed and then got up for lunch, and after lunch, lo and behold the dude shows up unannounced AGAIN. I saw him coming and although running away to the bathroom crossed my mind, I was quite stuck doing the washing up. I wasn't really creeped out by him or anything, it was just sort of embarassing and annoying. So I talked to him for FOREVER cuz Phil used so many effing dishes to cook. Eventually I finished and made like I was gonna go back to bed (even though at this point I felt fine I pretended I was still sick) but he was like "we stay in contact?" and I was like surrre and wrote down my email address really sloppy so he couldn't read it properly and when he misread it I was like "yep sure." So smart. Then he left and I went upstairs and started reading Richard Bach's Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, which Katherine lent me. It's very interesting so far. And that's all. That's my life. The end.

PS mom and dad you should try answering the phone, it's fun :-P

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Daniel said...

I can't wait to read about your first experience with Bible Evening.
Good Luck