Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is that Bad?

Um, Katie wont eat anything because she's depressed (maybe) and it annoys the hell out of me. I think it annoys Paule too. Like, I'm not sad for her, I'm pissed! I'm like, "Katie what the hell stop starving yourself and pulling your hair and rubbing your eye, it's so annoying!" I don't know what it is, I know I should be concerned, and I am to a certain extent, but the rest of me is just frustrated with her because I think she KNOWS she needs to eat, and we aren't really sure why she's doing this. She shakes all the time, she's literally skin and bones, and she's only 45.

On a different note, I spent most of the day in bed and my back feels somewhat better. Paule asked me to cook Sunday lunch next week and I'm scared! I found recipes from Karina's Kitchen and decided to make a "roasted vegetable nest" which is just roasted veggies in a nest of pasta, a curried pumpkin soup, and a chocolate cake. All gluten free of course! :) Karina's Kitchen is going to save my life when I have to cook for myself when I'm all grown up. I'll just stock my shelves with gluten free baking mixes and xanthum and guar gum and all these wonderful things. Haha I should re-write that Sound of Music song "Favorite Things" and make it all about gluten free food. Anyway, the only meal I've ever cooked was mom and dad's anniversary dinner and it was for TWO people, not TWELVE. So we'll see. Phil will probably help me. Hopefully.

A full week of work ahead of me. Time for sleep.


PS Katherine leaves on Wednesday and I'm super sad because she's super cool.

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