Sunday, November 30, 2008


Oh yeah, and we had Bible Evening last night and it was fine. Quaker-type silence for 20 minutes and a different prayer before the meal that i really liked, then the meal which was slightly fancier than usual, then we cleared the table and pulled out a few bibles and Nick read the passage which was about the apocolypse or something and it ended up being the Nick Poole Show a bit as these things tend to be, but that's just cuz he's like, really well learned and such. I said a few things about looking within ourselves but balancing it with looking outward and being in touch with the earth so we don't become too self-absorbed.

I slept this afternoon, then woke up for a shower and supper and everyone but Paule, Emily (who had a "rest day" to hopefully prevent her from refusing to get up on Monday) and Anthony went to the hall for a lecture. Being the first of Advent, I thought it would be about looking within ourselves and reflecting and preparing for Christmas, in which the birth of Christ represents the birth of our own inner-christ-being (or in Quaker terms, our inner light) and we take that inner light and kindle it during Advent and then hold it inside ourselves for the winter and in the spring take it out and plant it like a tree or something. It's kinda nice. I mean, sometimes its a bit too much religion for me, but it's nice religion I think. No fire and brimstone nonsense, although the Bible is a big part of it, and it's all very positive and how can we better ourselves so we can in turn better the world. Anyway, the lecture turned out to be totally boring and about Steiner and the guy rambled on forever but there was nice cello/violin music and eurethmy at the end.
Nighty night.

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