Sunday, November 30, 2008


micha called me last night to say there was a gathering in the high farm barn and i was like shit it's gonna be freezing but i wanna hang out with peeps and drink. so i went and it turned out to only be jojo and gino, these two staff kids (jojo is cool but gino is annoying) and then this chick maisa who is also annoying sometimes showed up, and then ben (who i was SO happy to see at this point) showed up, and micha never even came because apparently she was um, busy, with Ben Abel, this other staff kid who lives in her house. so it sucked. then i spent all of this morning cooking and the meal was late and badly coordinated and yeah, pizza potatoes and red cabbage don't go together, but i didn't know what else to make and its only the second time i've cooked in my whole fucking life. the villagers enjoyed it, but i dont think paule did. she offered no sympathies towards my apologies. she also had a meeting to go to at 2:00 and we didnt eat until 1:30, so maybe thats why she was mad. but whatever. nick was nice and said it was very well done for a second try. then i had to do all the dishes while anthony and felicity tried to kill each other. so now i'm chillin in bed and feeling a bit blue and failureish. meh. time for nap and CSI and reading.

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