Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time for Bed

But I should say that I just added, at Rick's request, this lovely map on the right hand side of the blog. Hope it's helpful!

Partied at High Farm last night and played a drinking game in which one attempts to pick up a spinning two-pence coin with one's fingers, and upon missing gets flicked in the knuckles with the coin by one's opponents. Needless to say, my hand hurt this morning. Slept the morning away and then went to the coffee bar after a big lunch of Botton chicken and veggies. Grabbed some chocolate covered marzipan (my latest vice) and a bottle of pineapple juice and hiked up to the top of the moor behind Faulken Farm. Didn't quite get all the way to where I wanted because..well it gets dark at 4:30. But it was nice to be alone with my thoughts in the fresh air. Actually I hiked up there yesterday too...I'm enjoying hiking and thinking and humming and listening and being quiet and alone. Feeling generally mercurial. Very social, and yet very anti-social. For example, I went to the barn dance in the Joan of Arc Hall tonight to experience the barn dance scene, and I danced a few dances, but I just wasn't feeling my usual enthusiastic self. Whatever, maybe I'll be normal tomorrow. Night.

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