Monday, November 17, 2008


A dreary day began with a splitting headache. Called Magdalena and told her I could come in at tea break but needed time for the ibuprofen to kick in, but she said she could manage without me and I should go ahead and take the morning off. So I slept. Got up for lunch and another one of Emily's incidents. This makes four "problem Mondays" in a row. Today she got up and went off to work in Martin House with no troubles but apparently sat on the floor and refused to work after tea break. Alan, the house father in Martin House, drove her back to Bracken and dropped her off outside, where she stood in the freezing cold mist and refused to come inside. It's hard to describe this properly. Most people would think this was kind of sad and like, why didn't we go outside and coax her in. But the thing is, it's SO annoying because she KNOWS she should come in an eat lunch, and she just stands there saying "Emily, why don't you go inside where it's warm?" to herself. Eventually she came in and spent the rest of the day in her room. I went to work in the afternoon and we cleaned out the upper barn some more and did the ladies (milked the cows) and cleaned up Whimbrel a bit because she's supposed to be white and her whole backside is almost black with muck and she has mucousy blood hanging in strings around her tail from her miscarriage.

We played some games at the neighborhood meeting and then I hung out in the kitchen at Honey Bee Nest and talked with Tracy (house mother) and Luis. The end.


Stephen said...

Hi Robin,
Nice map! We were checkin it out, looks like you have a good walk each morning to the food center. How long does it take you?
How did you do the map? I poked around a little but didn't figure it out. Can you add an image to your dialog box for each push pin? That would be nice to see each place.
Take care. Love ya.

rtuts said...

i'll look into the image adding thing. i went to google maps > my maps > create new map > found botton > labeled things. then went to the layout editing section on my blog and added a new gadget > html and pasted in the code that google gave me for embedding the map. :)