Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Had two more heart bubble occurences today. The first while picking mangol roots for the cows and the second while walking down the stairs. Nick noticed the one on the stairs because he was coming down after me and all the sudden I stopped an had ragged breaths and clutched my They're not brought on by physical exhertion because I ran from Bracken to the village school (see map) and then played volleyball for two hours and was fine aside from a twisted ankle due to stupid things being on the ground behind me. Yeah that's about it. Oh and Lisa and I kept laughing because the instructor said "cheers" like six dozen times. Oh and I think there is something wrong with Micha cuz she was at volleyball for like a second and then left without saying anything, and she said she didn't come to foundation course this morning because she didn't feel like I'll have to check up on her. K. Me and my sniffles are going to bed. I would just like to state for the record that i am not a hypochondriac and I am super pissed that these things keep happening (the cold is just a cold and it's annoying but it's fine). No heart problems please, and stronger joints would be super. Can I ask for those things for Christmas?

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