Friday, November 21, 2008

In Kneed of a Day Off

So I didn't go to the doctor today. Upon waking my knee felt better and I walked around doing the breakfast only noticing pain if I straightened my leg all the way. But by the time breakfast was over I could tell that by walking around I had made it worse. I didn't really want to go back to bed (I know, shocking) because it would make me feel lazy and useless, so I asked Paule for a lift to the food centre. It started snowing (!!!!!!!!!!!) when I went out to the car, and until lunch time the dale was covered in a light dusting of white. It was a very quiet morning in the food centre, sitting around scraping and peeling labels off of jars.
Got a lift home from Peter Shvitezer (he's german...i wont even pretend like I know how to spell his last name, that's just how it's pronounced), and did the washing up after lunch. I saw Justin while I was waiting for my lift and told him I would't be on the farm and he said he had assumed as much by my limp. So after lunch I asked Paule if there was anything I could do around the house that involved minimal knee use and she asked me to clean the bathroom. So I did that, and then played with Selma, Paule's granddaughter who is 11 months old. She is SO cute. Like, the cutest sweetest makes-you-want-one kind of baby. Then I worked on my foundation course booklet and futtzed with my computer and then took a really nice long hot bath and read Travels with Charley and rubbed Arnica ointment on all my joints. I did some yoga after my bath and while transitioning from "child pose" to "cat pose" my knee went POW! and now it doesn't hurt when I walk but the clicking is way louder now and it still hurts when I fully straighten my leg, so I have no idea if the loud pow noise was good or not. We'll see. But now I am bored and want to go hang out with people but the idea of walking to the centre is rather daunting simply because it is so effing cold outside. Actually it's the walking back part that sucks. Anyway. We'll see. Cheers.

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