Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i am TOTALLY on edge

about the election. With the stupid time difference I'll have to stay up all night to get the results as they come in. So I'll just get up early and check it out. Mycha and I are both freaking out a bit.

Anyway...today. Not much...Magda and I slacked off in the food centre, just washing up some of the tubs and bins and trays and then taking a very long tea break to chat and hang and increase our risk of lung cancer. Had to run out after lunch to be in the library at 1:45 for fire training, which was really just this guy who looked like the Colonel from KFC with a Yorkshire accent telling us not to put out electrical fires with a hose. Then I worked on the farm scraping shit off the walls and mucking out the byres until six and then Luis and I went to the co-worker supper and then we had an induction course meeting on food hygiene. We watched the most rediculous film I have ever seen in which they demanded that we be insanely sterile and wear hair nets and use different sinks for washing our hands and washing our food and no pets allowed int he kitchen and dont touch the trash can and the whole time everyone was laughing because not one person in Botton cooks like that. We are so unsanitary...the cats sleep in the kitchen (in fact thats the only room they are allowed in) and we wash the dishes in hot soapy water but they're definitely not sanitized. Anyway, it was funny. And now I've had my yogurt and am very sleepy but listening to live streaming NPR election coverage and am desperate to find some scrap of solid information about the election. Nighty night. Gobama. Ooo i made a new word.


Stephen said...

It's 9:30 and I could turn on the tube and get coverage on every channel but I'm not. It's nice and quiet without it. Someone will tell me tomorrow I'm almost certain. And regardless of the outcome the sun will rise and the big wheel will keep on turning....

Stephen said...

Good news for a change!