Friday, November 14, 2008

just got back from the pub

so my spelling might not be so acurate. just putting it out there. so how did i eend up at a pub? it's great. this morning at th food centre magdalena asked what i was doing tonight and i said nothing so she said that linde and bridget (two staff kids who are super cool and i met at the party in skylark and are about to embark on an epic six month journey to australia and brazil) want to go to the local pub with some people and since we can only take one van/bus thingy, only some people are invited--and i'm one of those people!! I'm like, a cool kid! i felt so special :P like i got picked for the good team or something. i only just met/really talked to them last saturday and then i wooed them with my singing (jk) and now, yay, pub invite. so the rest of the day went on without incident. we cleaned out a room in the barn on the farm in the faternoon and it was nice inside work because it was raining and such outside and blech i didn't feel like working i was so tired. so after supper (which was very long and yummy) i got money from paule and ran to choir practice in Sherwood and i was late but Solara, the real choir leader, was back fomr her holiday and she is a way better choral director than Claire and it was good up until we started singing that awful japanese song about the apocolypse and then i was like sweet i'm leaving and i peaced out. i went to the joan of arc nall and read an anatomy book for a bit an then went outside and eventually everyone showed up (we were meeting there to go to the pub) and we drove around botton for a bit looking for this guy tommy who was supposed to come with us bbut we didn't find him so we went without him. we went to the fox and hounds in danby and it was the coolest cutest little perfect pub with a few locals sitting aroun the bar when we came in. we got our drinks and got a whole room to ourselves, complete with a pool table! ordering a drink was SO fucking cool. i felt...all growed up lol. i brought my passport with me jus in case she thought i looked like i was twelve but i didn't get carded at all. so then we sat around chatting an laughing and going out for smokes and it was WONDERFUL. so nice and bondy. andreas and i had this huge conversation about life and sciene and learning and spirituality and talking to animals and it was so fucking cool to be like "i talked to my cat when she was dying and she talked back," and have someone reply with a story about getting a cow ready for slaughter and having it say "please don't kill me." it was just generally amazing. i love the people here. we are all so different and coming from such different places, even thoug most of them are german lol. so we were there for a few hours and then magda drove us all back. SO nice of her to be our deisgnated driver. it feels so late but really its ony actually i'm going to sleep earlier thn usual! i should go out mroe often!s-= sooo now it's time to sleep. except i have to make my bed. crap. okay. nighty nights.

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