Friday, November 14, 2008

nothing happening tonight

so i'm just sitting in bed waiting for the latest episode of Grey's to load and passing the time playing Phil's guitar (which hasn't left my room in a week) and memorizing the human cardiovascular system. I feel so out of touch with the book I've forgotten everything I learned in school. Poof. It sucks, I feel so dumb! I need to read a biology textbook and home-school myself and do some math so that when I go to college I'm not like HOLY SHIT I DON'T KNOW WHAT HEMOGLOBIN IS. I still do, but for how long? Hence the studying. I found a tomb of a book in the library about human anatomy that's like 3000 pages. I think I might check it out and read the whole thing. Why humans and not animals you ask? Because...I think maybe I want to be a doctor? Maybe? Who effing knows. The human body is just so nice and big and full of big squishy organs and blood and muscle and bone and things to be sliced and sewn and fixed and I'm worried that the vet business won't give me so many thrills. As Felicity would say, "Oh gawsh."

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