Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just had lunch at High Farm and told Claire about the whole thing and she was super cool and reassured me about the new family transition thing and said that considering what happened I was really mature and brave. Woot. Hooray for Botton Friends. I went to the weavery to get some yarn for a scarf and Emily was out of control misbehaving and threw an apple at another villager's head, so I walked her home and now I'm sending her back at Beirgut's request. Beirgut is the head of the weavery and her name sounds like Beer Gut. Heehee. She's really nice, but very stressed because she just took over the weavery and is a new hosue parent and all that. Anyway, time to send emily back and go to work on the farm. I got an hour off so I could chat with Claire.

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