Friday, November 7, 2008


So I had this really nice entry for yesterday but then it was deleted (annoying) so now I'm just going to say that I was sick in bed all day with crampy painful stomach/chest/gut/who knows feelings and woke up and fell asleep over and over. At one point I woke up to total darkness and assumed I had slept through supper, but the clock read 4:45. A persistent mist hs hung around the dale for the last three days, blocking out the sun, and the change in latitude alone creates a shorter day. I got up for supper and again felt queasy after eating (wtf is wrong with me!) but we had a lovely evening together in the sitting room. Paul reading Country Living Weekly, Nick and I reading the newspaper, Felicity and Steph working away on their coloring books, Anthony staring at the coffee table, silently willing someone to make tea, David puttering in and out of the room while Nick poked fun at him, and Emily singing a happy birthday song about baked beans and soggy sausage sandwiches (the girl has a serious food obsession). Phil had fallen asleep in his room but appeared a while later. Paule eventually went into the kitchen and came back a few minutes later with a tray of tea (much to Anthony's delight) and a basket of chocolates. This is my favorite thing we do. I think some of the other houses don't hang out as much as we do; in this respect we're very much a family. Anyway we all gathered round and picked out a chocolate and basked by the fire in the stove and laughed merrily and it was all very cute.

Today I went back to work (after staying up until 3:30 because I slept all day) and had a very tiring but normal day. Oh and Howard burst into "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and ran right into "Eidelweis" and then "Yesterday," much to everyone in the food centre's delight. And I got it all on film. When I told him to bow at the end of his stunning performance, he gave me the silliest bow I've ever seen, it was really more of a head-bang! Anyway, tomorrow night there's a party at Skylark, Magdalena's house, and tonight I'm going to sleep nice and early in order to stay up super duper late tomorrow and drink and be merry.

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