Monday, November 10, 2008

Up Late Again

So i think i'm starting to go into insomniac mode again...i keep thinking "okay i'll go to sleep now," but then i just lay in bed forever and am bored and then have to wake up at 7:20 and work all day and at the end of the day i should be totally exhausted but instead of going to bed I stay up and talk to Phil in the kitchen over three ups of tea and then fiddle around on my computer and read Travels with Charley and get the idea.

Anyway last night there was a party in Skylark and Luis and Shelia and I walked there together and about halfway there the steady rain became a torrential hurricane-like downpour with horizontal drops soaking us to the core. We got to the house and realized we would have to hang out in our underwear because there was no way we could sit on the furniture or anything. So Luis was a genius and decided we should go to the Botton Boutique and grab some random trousers to wear for the evening. Yeah, I said trousers; and the Botton Boutique is a little room full of second-hand clothing from the village and it's always unlocked just like everything else in the village. So we ran there, grabbed clothes and ran back to Skylark and put on these ridiculous trousers. Mine actually fit, which was pretty awesome considering i just looked at them and guessed they might fit. So it was a lovely gathering and I finally met Linde, a good friend of Georgie's (my Australian life-saver who lived in Botton two years ago) and she is SO cool and nice, as is Bridget, another staff kid. The party was for the two of them because they're leaving next week to travel the world. Sounds like a very exciting trip. I was talking about music with Andreas and I saod something about how Christina Aguilara is actually really talented and has amazing range and control and such and he said something like "you must sing or something to know this stuff," and i was like "welllll yeah," and he said "prove it" and suddenly there was a guitar and i was singing "Let him Fly" which for some reason is always the first song i sing to people. It was really nice to play again and everyone was so cute and sleepy (it was around 3:00) and they were like, "keep singing, keep singing sing us to sleep!" so i kept going and it was nice except i couldn't remember shit and had no idea what to play and people would ask if i knew a song, and when it comes down to it, I really don't know shit about music and I really know like five songs by heart. Magdalena was super super nice and gave us Honey Bee Nesters a ride home so we didn't have to drag ourselves home at 5:00 in the rain.

So this morning I got up at....noon. And had a huge lunch as usual (mom and dad, seriously you should see me eat, I eat a plateful and then ask for seconds and eat the same amount again) and then did the washing up and then got dressed and ready for going to the cinema to see James Bond. Luis's house isn't going (most of the houses already went--as a side note I must say that there are two universal obsessions in the village: Abba and James Bond; the two couldn't be more different, but almost every villager one meets loves either one or both of these things) so he came with us. I was worried that people in the "real world" would be mean or rude to the villagers (Steph, Anthony and Felicity) but everyone was very nice. Of course some people made curious glances and a few gawked a bit, and I'm sure people wondered what Luis and I were doing with a middle aged lady and three mentally challenged adults of various ages. I felt a little funny. It was just such a stark contrast. It's kind of hard to explain...part of me felt a bit embarrased to be perfectly honest. I saw all these kids my age getting popcorn and laughing and chilling with their friends and just being teenagers, and here I was having to be a grownup and take Anthony to the men's room and help Steph buy some candy. So I was a little envious of the sheer carefree attitude. Another part of me felt proud for being mature and helping people and giving back and all that. And part of me just wanted to be elsewhere. Going into the real world...kind of sucks. Being surrounded and bombarded with materialism and capitalism and all this shit just makes me wanna hug a tree and sleep in a field and plant some flowers and snuggle with a cow. I'm such a fucking hippie. Nice. Anyway I think I'll NOT go to sleep now. Ta. Oh I think the time displayed at the bottom of the blog posts is wrong every time. It's currently 12:50 AM. 'Night.

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Stephen said...

Nice to hear from you - we've been checkin' the blog through the day. A full weekend - nice you had a chance to play some music.
The time thing - go to Settings > Formatting > there's a Time Zone drop down box where you can fix it.